Is sugar related to my breakouts?

Yes! There are certain trigger foods. Soft drinks are the worse, or anything with high levels of sugar or fructose corn syrup.

Do I have to eat healthy?

The more healthy your diet the more regulated your hormones will be. While it is not absolutely necessary to eat healthy it will certainly help.

What causes acne?

The causes are numerous which makes treating acne so annoying! Hormones cause the oil glands of the skin to produce more Sebum which can then become infected by bacteria. This is why treating internally as well as externally is important.

Does washing my skin help?

Yes it certainly does as washing the skin removes dead skin cells and surface oils.

Can stress cause acne?

Yes, but simply because stress affects the output of your hormones.

Can I treat both whiteheads and blackheads?

Yes as the root causes of both are the same.

Do the products on this website offer money back guarantees?

Yes, they all feature money back guarantees.

How long has this website been active?

We launched in 2012.